It’s over. The Trump faction of the Republican Party was beaten by the Sen McConnell and the rest of the Never-Trump faction. On the opposite side of the aisle, the Democratic Party is savoring their victory and eager to bring their domestic agenda into being.

Meanwhile, another power is gloating, having considerably weakened the world’s economic super power with a novel virus, that “escaped” from a virus research laboratory. Whether the escape was intentional or accidental is beside the point now. The Chinese “accident”has considerably weakened the United States.

Right now, we still think our adversaries lurk across some fanciful divide called the “aisle”. Please. If you are that stupid to want to continue this domestic “cold” war, then God help you. And God help us.

We have been weakened economically by the virus. Our real adversary has been, over past couple of decades, the Peoples’ Republic of China. Since they like to make money as much as we do, we have failed to assess the military risk. How do I know this? We have spent more time and energy weakening our domestic adversaries than preparing to deal with China. I don’t expect a love feast between (or among) the parties and factions, but a little good judgment and common sense go a long way. We NEED a diverse domestic industrial base.

We need to produce our own generic pharmaceuticals, tires, textiles, etc. We need to protect our dual use technology, (both military and civilian applications), from foreign (Chinese) acquisition. This is deadly serious business.

Believe me, we don’t want the Chinese to attain military and economic hegemony over any more of Asia or Africa, or Latin America. They are brutal totalitarians. Ask the people of Hong Kong, faithful Chinese Catholics, the Muslim Uighurs, the Tibetans, the practioners of Falun Gong.

So now Joe Biden is the President. And there is an international cold war that should take precedence over whatever resentment and grudges we may hold toward our domestic political adversaries.

COVID-19 has been a Pearl Harbour in slow motion. Trust me. President Biden is not our adversary, nor is former President Trump, nor are Senators McConnell and Romney.

We can let the Chinese gloat over this pending impeachment blood purge of dubious value. We can position our respective parties for optimal advantage in the next election. But that carries the assumption tbere is going to be a next election. Don’t be so certain of that event.