I went to bed around 11:00PM. I slept three or four hours. I stayed awakr, watching a documentary on La Bellle Epoque, the period from 1890 to 1914, that described the cultural history of Western Europe and North America.

Almost decided to go back to bed, when I flipped the channel to cricket, (Willow) where Australia and India are involved in a test match in Adelaide. The Indian side has a 71 run leader over Australia. Josh Hazlewood is the #11 batsman and he is making a good accounting of himself.

I love watching these world class cricketers. They seem to be having a good time. Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian side, smiles readily, and maintains a pleasant banter with the Aussies. Understandable, I guess, he’s been competing against tbese Australian cricketers for years, in all formats of the game.

Cricket is part of the cultural glue, that keeps what was once the British Empire together. Remarkable, after all the tumult of the last century, that this game thrives. Cricket is a sublime mix of simplicity and complexity, so characteristic of all great sports.

I really should go back to bed, but, for now, there is no electoral fraud, COVID-19, Great (or not so great) Resets. Sensitive to my need to sleep, India just took the last wicket. At the end of the first innings India leads by 53.

Janet is on her way home. That’s another good reason to go back to bed.

Thank God for sport. I feel like the crap of the past year never happened.