I am not the type who thinks he is led by The Holy Spirit to do much of anything until The Holy Spirit comes crashing in. He doesn’t just knock on the door of my consciousness, He burglarizes it.

This morning I awoke around 3:45, nothing odd there. I check the train schedule, see that Train #98 the Northbound Silver Meteor is running on time. I dress and go downstairs to watch it pass through Ashland on the Virtual Railfan Ashland Live You Tube Channel.

And this is where things changed. I turn on the television, switch the channel to EWTN, the Catholic channel. The program special, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, a biography of the Leftist (Marxist?) radical Saul Alinsky was being presented. It put into context the Leftist/Marxist infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church and how the so-called “Social Justice” movement has diverted The Church from Her Mission of bringing souls to God.

The questions followed. What am I doing? Whom do I want to follow? Who or what owns my life? You know, all the questions we avoid facing, because we know we won’t like the answers. All of the steps I took, the decisions I made that malformed and misdirected my life came into focus.

I needed to see that program and the following program, unrelated to the first, about chastity education and human sexuality. It was a perfect segue, because I came of age during the “sexual revolution”. I acquired a lot of notions around human sexuality that did not serve who I am as a human being and a child of God.

I have a lot of “unlearning” and deconstruction to perform. I feel or I suspect I am not alone. The falsehoods of the last fifty years, maybe one hundred fifty years that shaped my life are becoming apparent in the present turmoil. This redirection is a daunting, but not hopeless, task.

Some of you, and many of my nonblogging friends, will think I am off on another tangent. I, too, wonder that. But the time is “out of joint”, as Shakespeare, put it. The working synthesis of Progressive Thought has exhausted itself, lost its momentum. The inhumanity of atheistic materialism is all too apparent. The dystopias of Huxley and Orwell loom before us. Human beings can choose to be the commodities that social planners would like us to be. The unborn and the aged are now but the most expendable of these human commodities. The fate of the aborted and the euthanized will soon come to all of us, if the demonic has its way.

Unless. We. Change.