Today, at a Cathedral in Ekaterinburg, Russia, TVSOYUZ is webcasting a liturgy with chanting, reverencing of the Holy Icons, lighting the long, tapered candles.

A young man in vestments, his long red hair in a ponytail chants before an icon in a rich baritone voice. The choir consists of four women, all wearing baboushkas, chanting melodically. Their chants and prayers are a contrast to the atheism proclaimed in Russia a century ago.

Ekaterinburg is where, 102 years ago, Nicolai Alexandrovich Romanov, his wife and children were murdered by the Bolsheviks, ideological first cousins of Anti-Fa and, on the strength of their manifesto, Black Lives Matter. Czar Nicholas II is now a martyr and saint. He and his family died for the Faith. Their icon is reverenced. The contemplation of an icon, in Orthodox and Catholic tradition, provides a window to God. Icons include the statues to the Saints, Our Lady and Our Lord, recently destroyed in America.

The Russians, you see, know how stories like Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis, and,now Rochester, end. They paid in blood, a million times over, at the hands of Lenin, Stalin, Berea.

As we watch the Götterdämmerung of American Liberalism, we mourn the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She lived to see American women rise to positions of power, in the professions, academia, politics, and government. American women attained equality, even breaking the glass ceiling of mendacity, venality, and incompetence, long the private realm of the George Wallaces, Jimmy Carters, and Richard Nixons.

Assuming she was lucid enough, she heard a Black Woman cheer the murder of another human being, calling the man “trash”. She saw, on the news, Leftist radicals, block the entrance to a hospital, where a wounded female deputy sheriff was being rushed after being shot in the line of duty. This is what equality in the workplace looks like in 2020.

But the liberals and feminists will continue to be driven by their illusions, hoping their dystopia won’t end as Russia’s did, discredited and disgraced, in the gulags and psychiatric wards.

I can safely guess that Portland and the rest of burning America was not Justice Ginsburg’s vision.