#2 son, C, came by yesterday. He wanted to eat Indian food. I told him I wanted to have root beer floats. So we ordered take away from the Indian restaurant I got roghan josh with lamb. He ordered goat curry. We had Samosas and spinach and potato patties and enjoyed the food tremendously. Somehow the Indian dishes that come all mixed together in spicy sauce all taste the same. They are delicious, mind you, but my palette can’t make distinctions in the flavors.

After eating, we watched cricket for awhile. I was explaining the game to him. This is an over This is how a wicket can be taken. This is a boundary 4; this is a boundary 6. He was doing well until we got to “lbw“. Then his eyes just glazed over.

We had root beer floats. It is hard to describe the flavour. But, trust me, it tastes good. To the root beer, a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream is added. And the ice cream, being mostly fat, floats. It is a real American summertime treat.

Even though he is 32, an adult, we had some innocent fun together. It made a huge difference to me.