NSFW. Erotic content.

I had this sexual dream. I was having sex, hot, heavy sex, frolicking naked with J. But it was a dream and as we all know, dreams don’t follow any logic. We were having all this hot sex in the back seat of my brother’s 1979 Lincoln Versailles. It was white with this turquoise leather upholstery. And there we were, fucking like demons in this automotive tribute to bad taste. The Versailles was basically a tricked out version of the Ford Grenada.

And into this Versailles, climbed my mother, father, and brother for their trip downtown to their office. Were we still naked and doing the nasty? Were we even visible to the new occupants? It’s a dream. Then they noticed there was a mechanical issue with the vehicle, a leak, and they needed to find a repair shop. They were looking for a number in somebody’s cell phone directory. And couldn’t quite find it. And here we were, two invisible naked lovers, stroking our naked flesh, feeling the swell of buttocks, the hardness of cock, the moist tight warmth of cunt.

Dreams are cool.