You gotta love the Amtrak Station in La Plata , Missouri.The townspeople show up to meet the trains and wave into the Virtual Railfan LLC camera. Occasionally an Amish person or couple will be at the station, all tricked out in Amishwear.

They are waiting for the Southwest Chief #4 Northbound to Chicago. It is twelve hours late. Things  happen, ya know. It’s a helluva trip. There is a fat guy in a lime green tee shirt, shorts and flip flops. He dominates the scene. Now there’s an old guy in shorts and black compression socks in the camera view. Still no train. The crowd , five people, have now moved off camera.

My day, once I got through the Mom Drama that I self-orchestrated, was a good day. I found peaches on sale at Food Lion. I bought a black and white cake, I got for J’s dessert tonight because she wanted dessert. They also had blueberries and cherries at a good price. . Food Lion is a blue collar store that sells food, as opposed to other stuff, like lawn furniture  and food, the way Kroger does.

I fixed J’s lunch for tomorrow. Fresh fruit all pitted and sliced, same as yesterday, with the addition of blueberries. There is my Waldorf Chicken Salad too. She likes that.

I can’t be too depressed around J. It worries her. I get through it, eventually.

These are very patient people in La Plata. I feel like I am waiting along with them. 

I guess I am.