The day my Social Security check lands in my checking account is always special. It is like Christmas morning, without the religious overtones. With my money, I ordered a pound of BOKAR Coffee from Verdugo Coffee Roasters. The product was one of the brands in the A&P line of coffees back in the day. When Compass Foods took ovet the line from A&P, they eventually discontinued BOKAR. Verdugo bought the rights to the name, the package design and the recipe and now sells it. Dad liked BOKAR, so I think of him when I drink it.

I was tired around 10:00 PM last night. So I went to bed without prepping J’s fruit or assembling the rest of her lunch/snack. I awoke around 2:00 AM, and have been awake ever since. I fixed her snack and just sat here. I read a book on Kindle© that contained basic grammatical errors, like the wrong pronoun used with a preposition. I’m either too tired to know what that’s called or I forgot. Chalk it up to being an Old White Man that I even care.

“Am I the only one who gives a shit about the rules around here!”- Walter Sobchak The Big Lebowski

Speaking of The Big Lebowski, I feel more like Walter than I do The Dude. The “eff-it”attitude of The Dude doesn’t register with me.

Right now, I’m waiting for a train to pass through Ashland #98,The Northbound Silver Meteor is running a little late. It should go through town at about the time I can stay awake no longer. The train just passed through. Things are getting blurred as I write. J is stirring upstairs. She has to be at the store at 6:00 AM. It’s 5:11 right now. Guess I will stay awake to see her off. Then back to bed.