I cleaned and threw away stuff, recycled paper products. I stopped getting the newspaper or at least I told the newspaper I was cancelling .

That is a lot of stuff right there.

I am tired.

I’m thinking of getting rid of all electronic and digital services. My concern is that The Government, its intermediaries, or its vendors are spying on me, all of us, really. How much does The Government pay Google for the data it collects?

Paying in cash. Never sleeping in the same house two nights in a row. Avoiding public buildings. Walking places. They must have some sort of sophisticated recognition software or they wouldn’t be telling us to wear masks all the time.

Trump isnt even scratching the surface of the Deep State elements. He is really just annoying them at this point.

Daddy Bush #41 was the paramount Deep State operative. He had everybody fooled that he wanted to fool that he was Yale’s version of The Village Idiot. But he ran the CIA and was the first American diplomat in Red China. He was lurking around Dealey Plaza in Dallas on 22 Nov 1963, the day the CIA and the mob whacked JFK. Little #43 was there with him, being home-schooled in real world civics, I guess. Poppy Bush was Mr WASP, so nobody thought he liked to get as much stuff done on the down low as he could. Reagan had him as VP just to keep an eye on him.

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”