Superficial trainspotter that I am, when I see that AMTRAK #98, The Silver Meteor, originating in Miami, is running on time, I begin to wonder “why“?

Are there not enough passengers? Does no one want to go to New York? Have there been no equipment failures, breakdowns, or malfunctions?

Maybe I am just a cynic. Because at 4:53 AM this Thursday morning, I hold out little hope of a normally functioning world. Call it Covid-19 Fatigue. We will walk around masked, surviving one step above martial law, naively trusting politicians and physicians, hoping this nightmare will end some day.

But most of us project the inner turmoil and drama within our own psyche into the exterior world around us. Or so I’ve heard.

Maybe if I had a good night’s sleep, or my cock sucked, or both, I would feel differently.

Later today, J and I will drive to Fredericksburg, where she will check on some products in a supermarket, This is her second job. She wants me to ride along. In case she is too tired to drive, I can take over.

I’m sleepy again.