I am sitting in my chair, staring at the camera view of Ashland, Virginia. There is a microphone that picks up random snatches of conversation, plus music from a radio in the background. “Soul” hits from the Sixties can be heard

“Hey there Lonely Girl….” I think that was Little Anthony and The Imperials. If it wasn’t, it should have been. There are more Sixties hits playing, pre-Beatles. Maybe Motown or Phil Spector. Now we have dropped back a decade. Buddy Holly is singing Peggy Sue.. You don’t hear many girls/women called Peggy Sue any more, or Mary Margaret, Madge, Bertha or Midge.

The person with gender dysphoria is riding their bicycle. Why not? The sun is out for a change. A train passes through, # 89, the Palmetto, bound for Savannah. I imagine a train, full of people, all headed to Savannah to visit Olivia, author/blogger of Olvia Submits.

It has been a morning of sleep, laziness, lethargy. I am going back to bed.