A well-meaning neighbour suggested I use the website Mapmyrun.com to get the distance of my walks. I go to the site. I sign up. They want to know if I am one of Mark Zuckerbrg’s suckers, I mean Facebook© members. I am not. Nor am I on Instagram or Twitter. I enter my information and create yet another password, as if the Nigerian, Ukrainian and Russian hackers are thwarted by a password. Ditto the National Security Agency or the FBI. (I just saw a piece where the Senate just OK’d warrantless searches of my browser by the FBI, like they give a fuck about warrants).

All I want to do is get an accurate measurement on my power walk routes. Well. Evidently my fingers are too big. So I switch to a stylus. That doesn’t work either. I can’t measure a goddam thing, using their egg-sucking maps that I trace with a finger or stylus. I have wasted almost two hours

This information that I want is only of marginal value. I am not that anal that I have to know the exact distance.

So the Under Armour people, who run this site, have now pissed off a potential customer. Never will I buy their products. NEVER!!!!!

I will go buy a measuring wheel. Or trust my car’s odometer.

This is the digital age. The bit of upset is now in the cloud somewhere. And once again, I have learned that f**king with the digital world just isn’t worth it..

I do not play well with others.