This early morning has Richmond in a cold snap. It is 40°F, about 4°C, an anomaly for Virginia in May. Hopefully the fruit trees in the Shenandoah Valley have set their buds and the apple and peach harvest, come Summer and Fall, won’t be diminishef.

Sometimes being up in the early morning, with a DVD collection can inspire my mind. I wander through the discs. I just watched some pornographic movies from 1930’s France. The movies, about ten minutes long, were shown in brothels to the customers whilst they waited. There were lots of lesbian scenes. Given that shooting movies involved using expensive film, the scenes were hurried. The performers got right to the point. Porn wasn’t the industry then it is now. The women looked like women, not sex robots.

Eventually boredom takes over. I’ve seen all I can stand to watch. They’re just too sad.

I load a disc of old cigarette commercials into the machine. I watched some mid-Fifties commercials for a Brown & Williamson menthol filter brand, Bel Air. The commercials all featured an annoying tune or jingle extolling the features of a Bel Air cigarette. Brown & Williamson hàd a factory in Petersburg, just South of Richmond. The factory closed and the local economy never recovered. This was about forty years ago.

Now I am watching Camel commercials. To think I must have seen thousands of these commercials growing up. Contrasting the cigarette commercials with the porn, the cigarette commercials seem more obscene than the porn.

I’m going back to bed. J will be home in about ninety minutes.