Around 2:30, I awoke after having slept about two and a half hours. I’ve been planning on going back to sleep, but WhatTheHell, I am not sleeping yet. I watched some Russian Orthodox Liturgies, reverent and beautiful as usual. The Russian Orthodox Church is undergoing a massive revival after eighty plus years of oppression by the Communists. Now almost thirty years after Communism’s fall, Russia is embracing her faith again.

After the liturgies, I just drifted through YT, stopping at a program when my interest is piqued. Right now, I’m watching my Ukrainian metal detecting comrades. They also explore the many abandoned farmhouses of Ukraine, vacant since the collective farm economy collapsed in the 1990’s.

I had my car battery replaced yesterday. The old one gave out since I had not driven the car in over a month. I acquired the old one at Sears several years ago. Now that Sears is being converted to apartments.

Funny how our sense of permanence is fractured, not only in Ukraine, but just down the road. At the same time Communism was collapsing in Eastern Europe, I was working at the shopping mall that was a thriving retail center in West End Richmond. The mall’s days were numbered as the internet, Amazon, and a newer fancier mall surpassed it. Change is part of the world, of culture. Life is impermanent.

J is home. She has been home almost two hours after working a seven hour shift. She is asleep. I should join her.