I went for my usual power walk this afternoon. Within the first few strides I knew that I was going to have a particularly good outing. And I walked six miles in 87 min: 15 sec. My last outing at that distance was 5 minutes, 44 seconds slower. As the title says “Go Figure.”

All in all I had a good day. I did a good amount of sleeping, then binge-watched shows from the UK series Timeline on the Plantagenet Kings of England and the War of The Roses. I know we like to think of the English as super genteel and classy, but this period was little better than a gang war, only with swords, instead of Tommy guns. Yeah, real nice people.

I fixed some leftovers for dinner, black beans, brown rice, cold red cabbage that I fixed last night.

I’m just stoked from that walk still.