It is one thing to be loved, quite another to be desired.

An infant needs to be loved and held and talked to. When we get older, we still want these things. They aren’t necessarily sexualized. Far from it. We don’t want a sexual charge or spin on everything, because pervasive sexuality dulls, rather than heightens our sensual awareness. There have to be at least a few unattractive people wearing bathing suits at the beach.

Yet when we think of our lover(s), being loved has to be coupled with being desired. There has to be that juncture where tasks and diversions must end and distances disappear along with our clothes.

Otherwise life becomes drudgery. All other expressions or “languages” lose their loving context. We must create the environment of love that we want babies to be born into. That extends beyond that immediate environment of home and family. Sex is an affirmation of life.