Today is The Annuciation. This is the day the Archangel Gabriel appeared to The Blessed Virgin Mary to tell her she would conceive and bear a son, who would be The Messiah. All that was required was her assent. And her answer was, “Let it be done according to thy word.”

I know my readers are everywhere along the faith, spirituality, religion spectrum. But today is about hope. And deliverance. It has only been 90 days since Christmas. But the hope and excitement and love that I felt then is returning at a time when I need, we need to hear and experience the message.  Even in dark times, we are not alone.


In The Church, the Marian Feasts track almost independently from the other Feasts and Solemnities. As my faith has grown since I became Catholic ten years ago, my trust and devotion to The Blessed Mother has deepened. I am not at all reticent to call her my Protectress.