Well I felt really tired after my post-walk shower. I must admit it was an enormously satisfying shower. I went up and lay beside J. The next thing I knew I was asleep. I was so sleepy at that moment, I didn’t even care that she had a Hallmark Channel movie on the telly.

But I awoke. I checked on some slow cooker chicken soup I had going. On impulse, I added potatoes, mushrooms, an onion and garlic to the soup, deciding against the chicken with egg noodle I had planned originally. The potatoes felt a little less firm than I like and decided to peel and add them to the soup, rather than let them get any more “sketchy”, as #2 son would say.

Now I’m blissfully blogging. Looks like J and I might be entering a phase of more togetherness soon. However, she is debating whether to take paid quarantine leave or not. J has no basis to think COVID-19. won’t hit her, as if our house is divinely protected in some modern take on Passover.

It is ironic that we all think someone else could be taken ill and then succumb to this virus. But the virus doesn’t care. The virus just wants to replicate on a host animal. That animal could easily be you or I.

But obsessing about this little mofo is pointless. I just hope the soup turns out well.