Way back when I fancied myself a film “buff”, I saw a film called Things To Come, an early dystopian, sci-fi flick starring Raymond Massey. It was an adaptation from an H.G. Wells story. The world is afflicted by a global war and other troubles, with the ultimate being a plague where people walked around, as if auditioning for The Walking Dead.

Given that that was the last straw, a new utopian age then arrived, and everyone was happy and there were no cigarette butts or gum wrappers littering the streets. And the movie thenceforth had this beatific glow about it.

I feel like this is what’s happening now. I know we will go back to “normal”, but the new “normal” won’t be like the old. Kinda like the world after the 9/11, 2001 attacks. We are now going to have live with a new normal where pestilence is a distinct threat, from the natural world or through human activity. The truly paranoid among us will suspect that the age of “germ warfare” has arrived. During World War II, the Japanese did bacteriological warfare experiments with pathogens, anthrax, I believe, and the test subjects were Chinese.

Under the guise of an “accidental” release, is this Coronavirus release, a test to assess the potential damage of a germ warfare weapon? What will the next incident involve? And who will be responsible?

Lack of sleep causes strange things to happen, such as this post.