Weight Watchers© (WW) was a successful week for me. I lost four pounds. I found following the eating guidelines to be as easy to follow as they have been in the past.

I fixed the roast chicken I have been meaning to fix since Sunday. I’m glad I waited. I felt slightly more motivated to take the skin off before I ate it. I used up the Pepperidge Farm cornbread dressing mix to stuff the bird. There is one temptation out of the way. I won’t have to buy any more of that til Thanksgiving. I fixed some roasted potatoes. That’s another no-brainer dish, I will post shortly.

J came home. I was going to do a load of her red shirts she wears at Target. She took her red shirt off. I handed her one of my old chambray work shirts, nice and soft from a bazillion washings. She looked sexy wearing the over-sized man’s shirt. I told her that too.When she came down for dinner she was wearing just the shirt, no leggings or jeans. ( underwear however, )

“Ditch the bra and panties, Honey.”

So I’m trying to bring out the courtship style. Let’s see what happens.