I suppose in a perfect world one would see a picture of this dish, straight from the oven all golden brown. But I was hungry, sliced and ate some, before it dawned on me that a picture would be nice.

I basically melted butter in a cast iron pan over medium heat, lined the bottom with a sliced Idaho baking potato. Then I added sliced mushrooms, diced Andouille sausage, an abundance of cheese, and a mixture of 8 eggs and a quarter cup heavy cream.i topped( not that kind of Top!)with yet more cheese, and baked in a 425°F (219°C) oven for about 20-25 minutes to the eggs are firm and the top is golden brown.

I wanted to see if I could fix this fritatta recipe from memory. I can! This is wonderful paired with fresh fruit and warm croissants for a decadent brunch, not that any of you, dear readers, are in any way decadent. (If you are, I’m insanely envious!)

The title is an allusion to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Kinda rhymes, ya know.