Untying the knot that only automation can tie is never easy. Am I communicating the problem(s) effectively to the Help Desk? It isn’t their fault. They’re trying, I know. This is not a big deal. No children will die if it’s never fixed. The whole thing is like a Church League softball game, where the players become engrossed in a triviality.

I went and bought a bunch of fruit today to replenish the fruit basket. It is key to weight management for me.

I had another attempt with the Company. They are trying. All they have to do is close the new account and reopen the old account.

But I am tired and lonely and sick of all the stuff that separates J and me. She likes her dopey childish The Bachelor. I can’t sit around downstairs hoping intimacy of any kind will return when the wall of TV is up.

Rant over.