J and I attended the 530 PM Vigil Mass Saturday Night. She had work today. I had basically a day to do nothing, as if I don’t have enough of those already.

I slept til about 700 AM, awoke, was up for about an hour, then slept some more. I went to AA. There is a small meeting I like on Sunday. When I returned home I fixed slow cooker chili, finally vacuumed the carpet, and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

I meant to go swimming, got caught up in stuff, and did not. I am putting a lot of mental energy into meal planning and regaining control over what, how much and how often I eat. The more conscious I am about my habits now, the easier it becomes to adhere to them.

I am truly beginning to wonder if sugar is addictive or if sugar overconsumption is merely a difficult habit to break. I get so used to eating sugar. I use it to “reward” myself. I associate with good times, e.g. a birthday cake, Christmas cookies, Easter Candy, Valentine Candy, Hallowe’en Candy. Next thing you know there will be special candy for Columbus Day.

I’m sitting here really tired. J is home, upstairs, with the TV on. What else is new?

I could go up. I should. Maybe I will in a bit.