The composer Rossini ( William Tell Overture) was born on 29 February 1792. He was a prolific genius. And I always think of him today.

I watched a documentary on the Romanov Dynasty on Star Media, a Russian media company that posts on You Tube. Important takeaway: We don’tunderstand a damn thing about Russia, nor do we really want to understand them. Their purpose is to be the bogeyman for American political demagogues of any and all persuasions.

Having completed that rant, I can report I am slightly tired. My brother came by to pick a cabinet and a television he might be able to fix.

It took me 63 years to fully understand that I’m not stupid. I spent a lot of time in school terrified over one thing or another, or wondering whether people liked me or not. Those fears followed me into the workplace and my marriages. It’s only been in the last few years, perhaps months, that I have owned up to this nonsense in my head.

Now I should want to be going to Church, but I’m tired. I will probably be tired tomorrow too. But J wants to go this evening. I will go to be with her.

Over, for now.