I have mastered my Old Man Disguise. I just realize younger people, when they see me, probably think of me as on old man, grey hair, slight limp, hard of hearing. However, I don’t wear those Old Man “Just off the golf course” clothes. No loafers, polo shirts, khakis. No godawful sweaters that look like a pair of Argyle socks run amok.

I was eaves-dropping on a conversation between an Old Man (75+) and a somewhat younger woman (70?). It was more of a monologue on his part, (a man– o-logue?), where he talked about places he has been, like some vineyard near Solvang where his daughter was married. I heard another table conversation where the diners were talking about going to the once every ten year production of The Passion Play in Oberammergau.

I was appreciative for that moment and that I was dining alone, looking out the plate glass window of the Iron Horse Restaurant. A big freight train passed by, I looked at the graffiti on the freight cars, hauling coal. I enjoyed my salmon pattie sandwich, then my maple sundae with candied walnuts.

I walked about the Town of Ashland and saw a sign for a bed and breakfast in a walk-up over a used book shop. Highly quaint.

It was a departure from routine and most welcome. Then I went to my sponsee’s condo, bearing a 20 oz Diet Pepsi and chatted a bit.

Highlight of the day was when I found out my A1C is under control. This I learned when my doctor’s nurse called with my lab results from yesterday’s office visit.

I fixed chicken breasts in bread crumbs cooked in a 400° F oven with side dishes of Brussels sprouts and rice. J liked the meal. Tomorrow we finally go to the Edward Hopper traveling exhibition at VMFA.

I am very happy I have what I have.