The old TV had been around for seven years, I guess. The power supply had an issue. I replaced that set with Monroe’s old set, the one he left us when he died in 2014.

Monroe was what Janet’s family called her Dad. He was James Monroe to distinguish him from another James in the family. Eventually, he was the last James standing so his name shifted to Jim for most people, except for the family diehards.

I had a power cord issue. The original issue power cord was nowhere to be found. I thought I found a replacement at Best Buy but it did not fit. So I scrounged one from multiple power cords we had around the house.

It is a nice HD set, a Vizio 37″ in the E Series. Hard to believe this is obsolete. It lacks Smart TV technology. That means Google and the NSA can’t spy on you as easily. Nice to know. Our country is safe.

So I’m tired. We went to the 5:00 Mass with the annoying music. I’m just glad I went.

Dinner was well received, especially the sauteed Brussels sprouts.

Night all.