Here it is 8:36 AM on Sunday 16 February 2020. My nephew is 17 today, a fine young man. J is at work. I am sitting in my chair, having finished my first cup of coffee, staring at my television. I can get it to work by unplugging the power cord after I finish watching,then plugging it in when I want to resume viewing. A nuisance.

I am considering which Mass to attend today, the 1100 Mass at St Benedict, the traditional Latin Mass at 430 at St Joseph, or the “contemporary” Mass at St Bridget at 500. Right now I am sleepy and want to go back to sleep. That would eliminate the 1100 Mass. 430 Latin Mass is not J’s sort of thing. She likes when I attend with her at St Bridget. I guess St Bridget is the one.

AA talks about packing things in to the stream of life, once liberated from the tyranny of alcohol. Right now I want to pack in more sleep.