Emotional. That is the only kind I ride. Perhaps I need to change that.

Yesterday, my TV crapped out. There is something wrong with it. They are made so inexpensively (cheaply), that the modern television is more economically replaced than repaired. So I have to survive an indeterminate period of media deprivation; no Popeye cartoons, no English “mudlarkers”, no Ukrainians with metal detectors, no Russian “mukbangers”, and no interminable World War Two newsreels and documentaries. I will survive (cue disco music!).

The emotional roller coaster I am experiencing pertains to my upset with our local delegate to the Virginia General Assembly, who just voted to override a fundamental element of the US Constitution. What is gallimg is that he is a high school government teacher in his real job. His fix could serve to precipitate a Constitutional crisis (no matter who wins) and is of questionable legality.

So I wrote letters (emails), to him and to the school board, citing his 1) conflict of interest as an obvious political partisan and 2) his bad judgment. I suggested he resign or be terminated if all he is is a partisan tub-thumper masquerading as an objective educator. (Emotional peak). Then J and I went to dinner, where we talked, ate, and otherwise reconnected. (Emotional drop and leveling off).

I feel much better now. Remarkably, since I have no access to Popeye.

I will survive. ( 🎶So I’m saving all my lovin’…. 🎶)