We have this Delta faucet that I was reticent to repair, cowed by my inner voices that berate me for my imagined mechanical incompetence.

But how does one gain competence?” You ask.

By doing the activities that make one competent”, answers The Wise One. (Feel free to use your Yoda voice).

So I declared today would be the day the faucet got fixed. I watched a You Tube video that walked me through the repair. First It said shut off the water by turning the valves off under the sink. Then take the faucet apart. Next I replaced the springs, seats, and “O” rings. Then reassemble.

Whaddaya know!

It worked. I did a simple home repair.

Then I figured out why the toilet valve never drops properly after the flush. A five second repair. Something was blocking the action.

Then I plunged the slow drain in the bathroom sink and cleaned out the crud in the drain.

I am in awe of myself!