Today was a day off for J. So she wanted to do something. First order of business though, was letting her sleep late. This usually means her not getting up at any specific time. The morning ground on. I got a text from Scott, my sponsee, who is homebound. He requested I bring him a 20oz Diet Pepsi. No problem.

Before Diet Pepsi and visit with Scott, a meal with J had to happen. When she did get up, we ended up going to P.F. Chang, kind of the fake Chinese restaurant version of Olive Garden, the fake Italian restaurant. I will say the food is prepared a bit more carefully and the decor isn’t as cheese-y as a Chinese restaurant run by Chinese. (You know the kind. Chinese family works their collective tails off at the restaurant to put all three kids through medical school). But it’s not the same, going to a McChinese place

J had some “Mongolian” beef bowl. I had a Korean inspired chicken bowl with a sunny side up egg parked between the fresh mung bean sprouts and raw vegetables, all over a bed of rice. It was tasty. Just not worth $10.95.

So after the adventure in fine dining, I took Scott his Diet Pepsi. His friend in the complex R was over there. We sat around, talking about the 2nd Amendment Rally in Richmond, a peaceful demonstration, by any standard. A nice visit.

Back home, I sat around some more, then took a nap, and resolved to go swimming tomorrow. I will have a routine re-established by Feb 14. The back slide today seemed inevitable.