I got to the pool. I suppose I was out of excuses. Truth was I missed swimming too much. I did 1750 meters(1+miles). I shared a lane with a nice kid, a boy of around 11, I’m guessing. Preadolescent.

When I finished, I came home and warmed some brisket, Brussels sprouts and green beans. I let J have the Brussels sprouts. I took the green beans. I will buy mores B sprouts.

I went to Mass at The Benedictine Abbey. The Diocese of Richmond is celebrating the bicentennial of its founding. I know, so what. Usually. I like Mass at The Abbey. The Uganda priest Fr. Joseph Mary is a good priest, as is Father Sunil, the Indian. The priest today was an American with a hair style reminiscent of The Everly Brothers, kind of 60’s vintage. He was OK. I don’t always go to Mass for a brilliant homily which I did not hear today. Sometimes I go just to be with The Lord, present in The Sacraments.

When I got home I took a nap. I am hoping that will hold me till I fall asleep at 10 or so.

The weather is turning cold again. The respite from Winter is nice for the electric bill. But I prefer identifiable seasons.

So the laundry needs drying. I need to fill my cup with hot coffee.

Life is good.