Most of my life has been devoted to the idea that I am different. I have to think of something off the wall to say. After a lifetime of this activity, I got to be good at it. I had mastered the odd ball persona.

I had taken the parental admonition against conforming to the group values and behavior to its logical end. “Ain’t nobody gonna be conforming to what I do.”

Finally I realized I was lost in my characters. Who am I? I took all the positives about myself the sober, funny, reverent/irreverent, intelligent spiritual athlete and finally embraced the. I added in my erotic imagination (aka dirty mind).

I am now approaching life as someone comfortable with who I am. I no longer have to burst out singing Frosty The Snowman in July to break the conversational logjam. Although I am certain I will always have to fight that urge.