If anyone thinks the Democrats and their allies are going to let Donald Trump be re-elected, they are incredibly naïve.

The impeachment will fail. Trump will be acquitted. What is left? Assassination of both Trump and Vice President Pence. Pence will be poisoned to give the appearance he died of natural causes. Trump will be violently assassinated by one of the hired killers to whom John Brennan, former CIA Director, has access.

That makes Nancy Pelosi President. She will use the tools of control already available to imprison or otherwise neutralize potential opponents. The Never Trumpers will be bought off with a Mitt Romney appointment as the  new Vice President. The ability of supercomputer surveillance of the population will be made fully evident. The Social Security system will be weaponized to suppress dissent. Disagree? Lose your Social Security. Marijuana and other recreational drugs will be legalized by Executive Order. They will serve as a valuable tool in social control. The drug gangs will suddenly have legitimacy.

The Supreme Court will be imprisoned under the pretense of a national emergency.

Firearms will be shown to be useless in playing a part in resistance. The new Civil War will be a cyber war.

The National Emergency Charade will eliminate dissent. A civil service bureaucracy will reward Democratic Party members.

Who needs an electoral victory in November? We could lose this free Republic in a matter of weeks. Paranoid? Yeah.