Tonight, we avoid the rocky shoals of paranoia, and find clear sailing through the Gulf of Sports.

I saw in my newsfeed where the Washington Redskins hired the former coach of the Carolina Panthers to coach the team next year. It is another “usual suspects” hiring. I wish Coach Rivera well. The larger questions are “Will there be football in 2030? And, if yes, who will play and coach the game, humans or robots and supercomputers?

Given the physical punishment to the body, especially head trauma, will fewer and fewer parents want their children to play football? Will the appeal of robotics introduce itself into the sport, as AI, robotics, virtual reality, and computer gaming make more inroads into our habits of leisure.

Look for remote controlled drones playing certain positions. A drone pass receiver could have pass patterns programmed into it. Consider that.

I think these are the last days of football played by humans. The machines are coming.