As our story left off, I was clean with a trimmed beard, refreshed through the friendship found in the rooms of Recovery, and satisfied by the simple joys of Cubano cuisine. I had planned on a swim, but needed to get home for a while.

At home, I read Olivia’s blog, Olivia Submits, with her skilled erotic story Connections with Lucas and Sofia. It got my erotic imagination working again. I have to admit it’s getting better.

I did get a swim in after 7:30 PM, 1750 meters. The swim was faster than Tuesday. I wanted to stop but didn’t. Now I am home, watching Popeye, my mentor in all things related to modern living. I listen to the musical score as much as I watch the visuals, in glorious black & white. Popeye had a Golden Age in the Thirties. The later stuff is not nearly as good, post WW Two. So Popeye is setting me straight.

There is laundry in the washer. I am drinking seltzer with a lime wedge. My feet are warm. Life is much much better

Thanks Blossom. Thanks Jade.