There’s fallout from my Twitter experience. I deactivated my account. I don’t suffer fools gladly, especially when they are Roman Catholic bishops. It is an emotional hangover I am feeling. Best to just walk away.

As I wrote yesterday, I am up at this time, more or less naturally. Better not to resist. This morning features pain in my arthritic left hip. And the silence is not my friend today. I feel, yes, feel alienation and brokenness. There isn’t enough stuff in the world to fill the emptiness I feel at this time of year especially. I feel my spiritual dis-ease at this time.

I thought watching the Orthodox clergy at Svyatagorsk Lavra in the Don Bass region of Eastern Ukraine would get me out of this funk. I’m hearing a speech by a bishop, I think. With any luck, tbey will break out the censers, candles and start tbe chants.

It looks like we are in for some major speech-ifying in this episode. Oh well. Back to trainspotting I shall go.