I sit, dealing with my arthritic hip, drinking my coffee and writing this post.

A train horn sounds, then a fast moving freight passes before the Virtual Railfan LLC camera in Ashland. There are lots of empty freight cars, which might explain its speed. Lots of freight cars.

It passes. Auto traffic resumes. I sit here, contemplating my tiredness. i have yet to hear back from either mental health practice I emailed last night about working with me around my issues. I am about to tell tbem to sod off.

To say why we love people who abuse us is a mystery. A mother, an ex-wife, the who of it doesn’t seem to matter in the jungle of the brain.

The tired is working its way back into my body.

J wore a very flattering pair of dress trousers today. It was easy to tell how the physical work at Target has toned her lower body. I must tell her that.