Today I got my monthly Social Security check deposited into my checking account. I also needed to buy stuff. We were running low on paper towels and bath tissue. BJ’s had a deal where, upon purchase of three qualifying items, a frozen turkey could be yours. I did exactly that. Some Swiffer© dusting products completed the purchasing trifecta. That was roughly $70. I also spent about another $100 on other items in the course of acquiring The Bird.

At this point I wanted the turkey just because they were giving The Bird away. Departing the store, after spending roughly $170 to acquire the “free bird“, (apologies to Lynyrd Skynyrd), I was somewhat ambivalent about my shopping coup. J and I might not live long enough to eat an entire turkey between the two of us.

When I got back to Knollingwood Townhouses, the yard maintenance people were blowing leaves around. I approached one of the yard guys and offered the frozen turkey to him. He gladly accepted this little bit of frozen largesse from the American cornucopia.

It felt good just giving The Bird away. Really good.