I took a nap. I did not go to Mass. Like there is a sad in me I don’t want Him to see. Maybe He can’t fix it. Or perhaps this is the mourning the experience of which He blessed Himself.

Still I did take that nap. And have that acorn squash cooking in the oven to go with our pot roast.

Two Hours Later

That acorn squash was the best. It sat on the table, near the fruit basket, waiting for me to “deal with it”, as if slicing this squash in half, dusting it with spices, and putting it in a 375° F(191°C) oven was some major deal. It wasn’t.

I cooked the eye round in the slow cooker for five and a half hours after searing it. I put some mushrooms in the pot, along with an onion, some garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, fennel seed and thyme, oh, and a shake or two of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. Well-received. And I had a pear for dessert, a Bartlett.

Later, I will slice strawberries and bananas for J’s lunch, with the last of last week’s chili.

The decaf coffee is ready.