Summer is starting in Australia, the whole Southern Hemisphere really. They are playing cricket. The Women’s Big Bash League, several other “pyjama cricket” leagues. Now we have the Pakistan vs Australia Test. The match grinds on. After about 90 minutes and 22 overs, the Aussies have yet to take a wicket The Pakistanis aren’t exactly a run machine either

But it is Summer. The lads seem to be playing with vigor and there are another couple of days to go.

I have no enthusiasm right now. Maybe I will sleep late. Abandoning the lads in Brisbane, I am now watching Civilisation. The Florentine Renaissance offers some hope for our modern predicament. Small and petty people have always jockeyed with other lesser fellows for power. Unfortunately, we have no duelling to cull our herd of oafs.

Once this episode is over, I shall significantly reduce the stimuli. I fear I am over-stimulated. That carries the expectation of some sort of release. This does not happen here.

Six Hours Later

Thanks to waking up around Midnight, I have discovered that Pakistan’s first innings in this test continues. 6 for 208 after 77 overs. The commentators are having a good laugh about something, either that or they’re delirious from boredom. Marnus Labuschagne is bowling for Australia now. And now Steve Smith. This is actually fairly interesting. Will Shafiq get his century? He is at 75 right now. Pakistan ends its inning at 240.