Follow-up to the post (#Me Too?. 16 Nov, 2019)

It is ironic how I still have to justify good self-care after a qusrter century of sober living. But I got a decent amount of sleep, ignored news I can do nothing about (all of the news, really), went to an AA meeting, had lunch with J, and went swimming, 1750 meters (over 1 mile).

The Serenity Prayer strikes home tonight, “accept the things I cannot change,” I remember my friend Mikey’s advice to “abandon all hope of a better past”.

Sharing the emotional pain of this long ago incident helped a lot of people, given my long term sobriety, and my dealing with the hurt after all this time. Recovery is about having feelings again. Good feelings and bad feelings.

Now, I’m sitting down. I’ve watched a couple of trains pass through Ashland. J’s lunch is ready. I fixed her strawberries and pineapple, plus the homemade chicken salad she likes. She has to leave for work at the ungodly time of 4:15 to get the Holiday stuff (wonder which ones?) off the truck and on the shelves. I will try to wake up when she does.

And I am serene.