Today looks like so many other days, except today is colder. I should eat something but I don’t know what. I will go shopping in a few minutes, pick up a pork roast(?) to have with sweet potatoes and green beans. Planning dinner is about the best I can do right now.

It is these mornings when I want to cry for no reason that are hard.

A Plan:

Put on boots, go grocery shopping. then AA. Hang out with people afterwards. Come home. Fix dinner. Wait for J to get home. Spend time with her, even if what we do is just lie in bed together,watching some sit com from the old days of TV. Avoid the Washington Goat Screw at all costs.

We kissed yesterday morning when she was in no hurry to get out the door. It was deep and long and lingering. The kiss made me feel like she thought I was worth kissing. That is a start.