Erotic Writing. For Adults

I had it all out there when she got home, the gloves, the lube, the condoms, the wand, her butt plug.

A simple command, “Strip.” And she undressed, the shoes, the trousers, top, bra, panties, All that was left on her body was the collar, the ankle bracelet, and the nipple rings.

“Go piss. Do whatever else you need to do. Use the bidet afterwards. And keep the door open.”

I didn’t really care to watch. I just wanted to let her know who was in charge.

“On the floor. Head down, ass up. And I just watched. Stared really. at Her broad magnificent, woman’s ass, the ass women think they are not supposed to have.

“Spread your ass. Let me see your rosebud.” She obeyed and exposed her hole, I spit right on it, then put on a glove, took the lube and got my fingers good and slick . I felt her anus stretch, moved the finger in and out, then two, then three.

And then I pulled them out, replaced them with the butt plug, her favorite one, stuffed like a Christmas goose.

And I left her there a minute, exposed, in the midst of being used. I pulled on another glove, and the lube, and set to playing with her cunt. Her excitement was building when I took the wand and buzzed her labia, up and down, letting the vibrations travel around. Her clit, I ignored. I put on the condom, entered her as if she were just another bitch. I thrust then told her, “Grind on my cock, whore.” she did all the work from then on. I made no sound as I came, but she must have felt the pulsing when I shot my load.

“Stay like that. I might want to take a picture.”