Well an odd day, I guess. I’m doing chores and housework at night. I slept during the day in three two-hour stretches, but I did sleep. I wrote some blog posts. I skipped swimming. I did two loads of laundry, fixed some more iced tea for J, cut some fresh pineapple for her break snack.

I wrote very satisfying blog entries, at least I liked what I wrote, about Catholic tradition, small towns and baseball.

And now, one more entry. There is a Daffy Duck cartoon on YT, Daffy And The Dinosaur, made in 1939, that’s pretty funny, with a dinosaur and a caveman who talks like Jack Benny, (could be Mel Blanc, I’m not sure, no voice credit given). Now comes a wartime cartoon with Germans as bumbling incompetents, humour for the home front.

All this is filler, so I don’t have to express how lonely I feel. J is perpetually exhausted.