There was a Rogers & Hammerstein musical by the name Pipe Dream. It was based on the short novel Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck, a sequel to his novel Cannery Row. My mother liked Pipe Dream. There was a song with the lines, “whether you like it or whether you don’t, you’re stuck with the whole damn lot.”, that resonated with her. That made an impression on me too. I guess that is an example of stealth child rearing. An adult is raising a child simply by being an adult. The child assumes, rightly or wrongly, that the adult knows what they’re doing, whereas the kid doesn’t and is looking for tips about this whole Living Life thing.

J had to be at work at Five AM to unload a truck. That means I had to be up at Four AM to see her off. She will be off at 1:30. I may go back to bed and sleep til then. Why not?

There is a man named Tomasz Bykowski who walks around video recording other people walking around on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. People have done this in the past with movie cameras as far back as 1896, in London, Paris, and Manhattan.

What else can be said about people walking around? Plenty. But I’m too tired to say it right now. Except the streets of Manhattan are an endless spectacle and cause for puzzlement Why, for example, would someone park their Lamborghini on the street as if it was a Ford Festiva? Are they that rich or that stupid? Or both.

The weather change isn’t happening soon enough to my liking. It’s like waiting for a baby to be born.

One other thing, now that I’m rambling. We have an incredible number of things. Think about that. Why would you want more? I mean what are you expecting from possessing them?

Later, товарищи.