The other day, I bought some fresh collards at Food Lion. I have never fixed fresh collards before, but I saw where they can be cooked in the pressure cooker, if I don’t want to cook them on the stove. I’m going with the pressure cooker. I soaked them for an hour to get the dirt and any pesticide residue off them. I once had them in a restaurant in Roanoke where they served them with 💕 of 🌴 hearts of palm. I have hearts of palm and I am always looking for novel ways to serve them. They came with black beans and rice, too. It was kind of a Brazilian vegan place. Roanoke is a surprising city, with lots of artsy bohemian types. That should not be surprising, really. Artsy bohemian types can’t afford to live in places, like Greenwich Village, where artsy bohemian types used to live.

I am on target for my swimming. I missed AA today, but I did meet #1 son R for a cup of coffee. He is recovering quite nicely from the pancreatitis.

R and I were talking about Manhattan. I said the City is losing some of its mystique when prominent in the City are the same stores and restaurants one can find in just about any suburban shopping center. “I wonder if that Olive Garden is any different from the one three miles away from my house?”

There is a cool down tomorrow here. Tomorrow’s high will be 75°F (24°C). Today it was 97°F (36°C). Watching The Ashes, I was consumed with envy for the fans, players, and everybody else at The Oval in London today with their weather and delightful temperatures. Watching my rail cam in Ashland I saw a flash of lightning across the sky. The front is moving in!

J had a busy five days at Target. She got Tate’s Macadamia Nut Cookies for her treat tonight. I saw Snoopy Blue Flannel Sheets at Vermont Country Store. She would never ask for them. That is why she is getting them as a surprise. She loves surprises.