I went to Holy Hour. I made it through, contemplating the Nature of Love. In retrospect, I could have taken the spiritual needs of TZ (from yesterday) and others to Our Lord with a bit more zeal.  I’m afraid the vanity of staying awake won out.

But I made it home, fell asleep for four hours, feel pretty good. J is at work on her other job. I did some house work, laundry, took out the trash to the rubbish bin.

J is working her last store for the day. She should be home by 4:00 PM. I shall stay here before I go to the Y to see if she wants to have dinner, go to Mass tonight or what.

England is struggling in the second innings of the Fourth Test at Old Trafford. The Aussies declared at 186/6. Then, when England came to bat, Pat Cummins took two quick wickets before England had even scored a single run. As I write this, it is nearly 7:00 PM in Manchester. England trails by 369 runs. It is 61°F(16°C) in Manchester now. The players all have sweaters on and I am longing for autumn more than ever.