It has been hot. The AC has not been working optimally. The end of Summer has been quite robust. To cool down the other night, J wore a black camisole top with spaghetti straps. Quite sexy. I praised her to no end. It was a surprise. She hasn’t worn anything this overtly feminine in years.

Today she had her annual mammogram. She got the result by this afternoon. A negative. Everything is OK. To celebrate we went to Bone Fish Grill, where she had her favorite scallops and shrimp. I had fish and chips, in keeping with my Mancunian Wannabe sentiment. We are drawing closer, in a seemingly natural and effortless glide.

I have First Friday Nocturnal Adoration this morning at 4 AM. It seemed only fitting I had a chat with a woman after the AA meeting about things Catholic.

I have known TZ for several years. Attaining long-term sobriety has been elusive. This tenuous period, after a decade-plus of sobriety before her first of several relapses, has been her most successful of recent attempts.

I had not been to a meeting in several weeks. I had cookies to give away, so I went to this meeting, cookies in hand. There were cookies remaining after the meeting. I offered them to TZ and she took them.

She is handcrafting greeting cards and I bought one. It had a verse from Scripture, “For we see not with our eyes, but with Faith.” We got to talking. She had been raised Catholic, but has left The Church. I am a convert to Catholicism. She cited the lack of Biblical teaching in Catholic Schools. The Church had failed her in her spiritual formation, one of thousands that the Church has so failed. I told her my conversion was based on the great spiritual teachers of the Church, Teresa of Avila. Francis de Sales. Francis of Assisi, That moment of connecting after the meeting made my day.

After the meeting, I went swimming. I put in a mile. I came home, did a wash and waited for J.

I am tired. Today I got out of the house. I need to sleep. Adoration, you know.