As I write this homage, Australia is thrashing England in the fourth Ashes Test played at Old Trafford in Manchester.

Way back when Manchester United became a highly recognizable football team, I was more or less indifferent to Manchester, the city they represented. Then, thanks to the gift of YouTube, creators, like Martin of Martin Zero, are sharing their love of this remarkable city.

Manchester is a city of two rivers, the Medlock and the Irwell. There are canals dating back two hundred years. The factories that made Manchester lie idle, if not demolished out right. But the quarried stone remains, her story lives on in these stones and architecture.

I decided I would declare myself a spiritual Mancunian. I found this tee-shirt on Amazon. Now that I have a tee-shirt, there is nothing left for me to do, but renew my passport, apply for a visa, and buy a plane ticket.