We are limping into Fall with an air conditioning system that is not quite working. We have maybe one more hot day to deal with before it cools down again. I can ride out maybe a few hours of discomfort. Today I let the cool morning air in. I took a nap by an open window. Sweet.

J wanted to go out to dinner. We had an early meal, more of a lunch really at Cheesecake Factory. I ordered a Cuban sandwich. I ate only half of it, with the green salad that came with it. Very nice. I prefer the Cuban sandwiches at Kuba Kuba or Kuba Kuba Dos, but a bad Cuban sandwich is hard to find.

We went home. I took another nap beside my open window. I awoke around Seven PM. Do I go swimming? At first blush, no. Then after dithering about for half an hour, decided a swim would be the right thing to do. So I went.

I got my 1750 meters in, faster than yesterday. Then I showered, shaved, dressed and came home. The triumph to which the title refers is that I swam, instead of sitting around. On my return, I fixed J’s lunch. She has a chance to work at Target tomorrow so she is taking advantage of it.

This afternoon, I was chatting with a friend who is familiar with the BDSM lifestyles and variants. She lives in Vermont and met J on holiday six years ago. I shared I thought J was a “little”. Upon her observation of J during our visit, she said she thought she observed some “little” behaviors. Now I am more certain of the opportunity and challenge presented to me and my role as a “Daddy”.